Blogmas: 12 things I've learnt from 2016



2016 is the year where pretty much the whole world changed.

Donald Trump became President, we were mourning a celebrities death every 2 months, we decided to quit the EU. It all went down. Shit well and truly hit the fan in 2016.

But, it was also a happy year for me. It was a year where I became more settled, I became more me and feel like I was the best version of me most of the time. I got engaged, I grew my blog into something I'm proud and happy to share with the world. I got a new niece, my best friend had her first baby. I made new friends. I cemented friendships and rekindled old ones. I travelled up and down the UK and across Europe that all my annual leave was gone in six months. Whilst the world outside my little bubble was crashing and burning, I was living my best life.

I'm not saying 2016 was perfect in my Becky-shaped bubble. It wasn't. I had people close to me suffer the most horrendous things that no one should ever have had to suffer. I had my own health scares. I lost friends. I felt alone. Some things, I failed at.

But it's all part of the experience of it all isn't it. With the good, comes the bad. And that's okay. Here's what else I've learnt in 2016:

1. David Bowie might have been the glue that held the world together. I'm pretty sure after his death at the beginning of year the world pretty much went to shit.

2. It doesn't matter about what your own, what car you have or whether you own every Naked palette. Your own health and the health of your family and friends is the most important thing. 

3. Nothing divides a family more than a referendum. 

4. That no one under the age of 30 every really grew up when Pokemon Go came out. We truly fucked adulting off when that came out.

5. As soon as you hit 25, Radio 2 is the absolute BEST radio station going and there is no shame in admitting that.

6. Not everyone will like you or your life choices. But not everyone likes cheese or dogs. People are different and it's what makes the world go round. 

7. People come and go in your life. It's not a bad thing; sometimes, you just gotta keep on going and believe everything happens for a reason.

8. You never know what curveball life is going to throw at you. The world is an extremely cruel and difficult place, but showing your support to friends in need can help them through anything. 

9. If you don't ask, you don't get. As much as you want every opportunity to come to you there is nothing wrong in seeking opportunity and wanting to find a better life.

10. You never ever have to settle. Never settle for a relationship that ain't right, a friendship that's not happening or a job that doesn't appreciate it. If something is telling you to get out of a situation; then do it. Those gut feelings are usually right.

11. Despite all the grown up situations you find yourself in, like looking up mortgages or planning weddings, you'll still always count on the comfort of your Mum and Dad.

12. Life is not measured. It doesn't matter how much you earn, whether you have a promotion, who's in the office the longest and who owns a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick or not. Life is what you make it and how happy you are in the life you lead. You're the one who has to live it, so make it the best possible life it can be.

Blogmas: Guest Post - Gift Guide Under £10

You know when your dog trips you up and you fracture your arm? Well, that happened yesterday. Luckily Lucy from The Girl on Trend helped me out with a last minute guest post. Now, as this is murdering my arm here it is:

PS: If anyone else wants to help out, please let me know or Blogmas is well and truly buggered!


Hey everyone! First of all, thank you so much to Becky for allowing me to guest post on her blog! Today I’m talking Christmas gifts, and all of them are £10 or under! Amazing right? I can almost guarantee that you’ll be able to find something to buy for your loved ones as my guide includes everything from beauty, to fashion, to everyday essentials! Happy reading!



I’m sure that you’re all very much aware of how important it is to take good care of our skin, I spend quite a lot of time searching the internet for products that will benefit my skin and make it look great. I’ve used numerous moisturisers, cleansers and scrubs, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved each and every one of them, but sometimes the price is overwhelming! As a student, it’s important for me to keep track of my spending, and spending over £50 on a cleanser just isn’t justifiable…okay well maybe it is once in a while…but let me get back to this product. For only £5.33 at Boots, you can buy your loved one, or yourself, a 150ml bottle of the Cleansing Oil. Now that’s a price that I can deal with! The oil claims to ‘reveal a better skin texture for healthy looking skill’ and to make things even better, the oil immediately dissolves all traces of makeup and impurities. Before I talk too much about this, this oil is definitely a good buy for anyone who loves makeup or skincare.


So maybe I’m being a little bit biased by including this in my gift guide mainly because I love the cold shoulder trend and I’m all for a fine knitted top! I personally believe that burgundy is a shade that literally anyone can pull off, and you’ll all look fabulous by wearing the cold shoulder style! I promise you. So, if you have a fashionista in your family, or you just think that this would be a great gift for someone, purchase this soon as the price is actually discounted


If there’s one gift that you can’t go wrong with, it’s a diary. When I say everyone, I mean literally everyone, needs a diary in their life, no matter how organised someone claims to be, you can guarantee that they have a stylish diary to help them through! When it comes to stationary and accessories, I always like mine to be quite stylish, I mean come on, I am a fashion blogger after all, but I was pleasantly surprised at this diary by Radley. Yes, it may be expensive compared to other diaries that you can buy, but this stylishly cool diary for only £8.40 is a definite must have on your present buying list! Believe me! Plus, you’re getting a little bit of a designer brand for a very good price, so it’s a win win situation!  


I’m pretty sure that we all know a candle lover, I know that I do! When it comes to buying candles, I always find myself searching the internet and the prices increasing and increasing and increasing. The cost of candles are becoming insane! But it’s always essential to purchase a good candle to meet expectations for the candle lover in your life. When I came across this gorgeous candle from House of Fraser, I honestly felt like the world had finally answered my prayers, a beautiful candle for only £8! Absolutely amazing! I swear, I’m still overjoyed by this!  




Last, but certainly not least, is the good old traditional keyring that I swear everyone buys once in their lifetime! When I was younger, I would constantly buy keyrings for my parents and now we literally have a house full…oops! Nothing says thoughtful like a personalised gift, so find your very best photo of you and your receiver and personalise the keyring! You can’t go wrong with this. This keyring is from and also, you qualify for free delivery! Sounds great doesn’t it?


I hope that you all enjoyed reading my Christmas gift guide and hopefully I’ll have given you some ideas, or in a perfect world, you’ll have loved my own ideas and you’ll be on your way to purchasing them! Thank you again to Becky, I’ve loved guest posting!


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Merry Christmas!


Lucy xxx


Blogmas: Chocolate Rufus Biscuits

Morning pals.

I'm doing alright with this Blogmas stuff. We're still sticking through to it and I'm managing to come up with OK content! Seriously, how people blog every day of the week boggles my brain. Like, do you guys sleep or leave the house? Especially having a job on top, I salute you.

Call me a cheap skate or a person who just doesn't know what to get you, but, if you're getting a present off me. You are getting a chocolate Rufus. They are a little bit of fun and I think they add a bit of sparkle to people's presents. It's a little thought and makes it a bit more special (I hope). Plus, everyone  loves biscuits at Christmas, right?

These are really simple to make and are delicious. The most time consuming bit of the whole recipe is waiting for the chocolate to melt. You don't have to use a dog cutter - you can use anything you want. I do think dark chocolate compliments the biscuits rather than milk or white chocolate. But, you do you boo and pick any chocolate you please! Heck, even add a bit of orange to the chocolate so you're a full on Christmas chick.